Mayoreo Sauce is not a real Heinz product

Mayoreo Sauce is not a real Heinz product

The case: Heinz dispatched an item called “Mayoreo,” which is a combination of mayonnaise and Oreos.

With July 4 not far off, numerous Americans are planning for summer grills. A variety of online media posts say they currently have the choice for a… extraordinary new sauce.

The viral picture shows a jug of Heinz “Mayoreo Sauce” in a store, apparently a mix of mayonnaise and Oreos

“What am I looking at?!?!” a Facebook client said in a June 24 post with the picture.

“CALL THE POLICE,” another client said.

“THE REASON THERE IS SO MUCH VIOLENCE IN THE WORLD,” composed an image account that common the picture.

All interested individuals can relax — “Mayoreo Sauce” isn’t genuine. The picture is satirically modified.

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This is an exemplary illustration of “taken parody,” where pictures initially shared as parody are reposted as though they are valid. These reposts frequently misdirect online media clients who aren’t in on the joke.

USA TODAY contacted a few clients who posted the picture for input.

Humorist affirms picture is changed

The picture in the Facebook posts credits “Specialist Photograph,” an Instagram account that consistently shares carefully changed items. The record posted the picture June 23.

In an Instagram message to USA TODAY, Doctor Photograph affirmed they made the picture by adjusting the mark on another Heinz item.

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“Try not to feel really awful if you got bulldozed, I guarantee no doubt about it,” the record composed.

Specialist Photograph consistently posts pictures of adjusted brand names, books and film titles that reference jokes and recent developments.

In an Instagram Stories Highlight, Doctor Photograph shows prior and then afterward pictures of some changed items on the record’s page.

Kraft Heinz Co. says Mayoreo not genuine item

In an email to USA TODAY, the Kraft Heinz Co. affirmed Mayoreo is definitely not a genuine item.

“This is a photoshopped picture. We don’t create Mayoreo,” composed Jenna Thornton, overseer of interchanges for U.S. brands.

Snopes recently exposed the case that “Mayoreo Sauce” was a genuine item.

Our rating: Altered

A viral picture of a container of Heinz “Mayoreo Sauce” is ALTERED, in light of our exploration. The picture’s source is an Instagram account that makes satirically changed brand names. Other web-based media clients have shared the picture as though it was credible. The Kraft Heinz Co. affirmed it doesn’t deliver “Mayoreo Sauce.”

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Snopes, June 25, Did Heinz Launch a New Condiment Called ‘Mayoreo’?

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